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"See...listen...and rock!" A business card for True Wheel, the band that became YMG.

A flyer advertising YMG/Cabaret Voltaire's autumn 1980 shows in Palo Alto and Berkeley, CA.

A poster advertising Rough Trade US' first 1980 releases, including Colossal Youth. 

A program and schedule for the 1980 Charles Street Festival, Cardiff.

A schedule for the 1979 Charles Street Festival, Cardiff.

A flyer for the YMG/This Heat/Furious Pig show at the Clarendon Hotel, May 1, 1980.

Rough Trade promo postcard featuring the band, spring 1980.

The factsheet issued by Rough Trade's American office issued, most likely for record stores and distributors. Most likely circa 1981; note the Gist 7" listed in the discography.


Liner notes from Colossal Youth CD reissue, 1994.


Liner notes from Embrace The Herd CD reissue, 1999.